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  1. Sam Jossen dijo:

    I am a producer with a United Nations partner project called ONE DAY ON EARTH.
    Last year on 10/10/10, we filmed in EVERY country and shared over 3000 hours of video with our partners–please find the global video archive here:
    This year’s event takes place on 11/11/11 (only two days away), and we are looking to increase participation in places like Equatorial Guinea, that are underrepresented in our project. We could use the help of ACIGE in capturing some footage from Equatorial Guinea on 11/11/11.
    Please explore our site at and share the link with your networks and anyone you know who might be interested in participating from Equatorial Guinea.
    We appreciate your help and hope that you join. I am available to answer any questions you might have. Thank you very much for your time, and I look forward to working with you.
    No habla español perfectamente, pero si tiene preguntas, puedo contestar las.
    Sam Jossen
    One Day on Earth

  2. leo dijo:

    Buenas a todo el equipo de ACIGE…Tengo una pregunta…cualquier guineano residente em cualquier parte del mundo puede presentarse al festival sur-sur ecuatogineano?

    • ACIGE dijo:

      Hola Leo perdona por tardar en responder a tu mail, han sido pequeños problemas con el internet, en cuanto a pregunta decirte que si, puede participar todo guineano, residente en cualquier parte del mundo.

      Puedes descargarte las base en la pagina web del Centro Cultural de España en Malabo.

      una vez mas mis sinceras disculpas.


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